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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Mysterious Allure of Queen Nefertiti, Keeping It in the Family Fashion - Part Two

Its true that I am not a noted Egyptologist. I've never even seen a mummy close up. However, there's a few things I'm willing to be quoted on in terms of my limited knowledge of the supremely remarkable ancient culture - and mainly that would be that Egyptians were not beings from an alien planet. Seems historians will go to just about any length to disassociate Egypt, or Klem, the the original term meaning 'the black land', from Africa, tsk, tsk, tsk.

From numerous mummies found in digs throughout more modern times, it is apparent that the elongated head was a commonality during more than several dynasties. Its is believed that the presence of what modern people would consider abnormally misshapen heads was intentionally manipulated by the practice of head flattening. Statues depicting both Queen Nefertiti, and her husband, Pharaoh, Akenaten who reigned during the 18th, indicate that they both had rather extensively elongated heads with Akenaten virtually laden with physical defects from head to toe.

'The feminine features and elongated head of ancient Egypt's King Akhenaten may be attributed to two genetic defects called aromatose excess syndrome and craniosynostosis, said Yale School of Medicine dermatology professor Irwin Braverman, M.D.'

Now one thing we all already know (lol) is that in ancient Egypt especially, royalty went to the utmost measures to maintain an untainted blood line that they went as far as to marry brother to sister, as in the case of King Tut. In terms of this practice, there was no limit; father to daughter, mother to son, as long as the dynasty could continue unscathed [by commoners].

My theory is this (and get your pens because this is a direct quote), as a result of all of the incestuous liaisons, royal offspring were susceptible to all types of genetic defects, such as in the famous case of Akenaten. It is likely that Nefertiti was also a product of closely related nobles. Secondly, the general public of the time would doubtlessly try to emulate its beloved leaders, truly their Gods and Goddesses. Therefore the trend of head flattening besets a nation. Further those who were not fortunate to have a fashion conscious mother, could readily create the effect by donning the majestic head dress so elegantly stylized by the alluring Nefertiti. Imagine following a fashion trend that glorifies incest? I guess art really does imitate life.

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