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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Introduction

I've always found clothes as fashion to be fascinating and intriguing elements of the human experience. What was beautiful, elegant and expensive 10 years ago could be completely laughable today. The way people dress tell so much about themselves as individuals, their tastes, beliefs, habits, upbringing, intellect, lifestyle or even anti-lifestyle is made apparent by their choice, or in so many cases, limited option of clothing. At times, we fall in love with an era and remain forever (in the 80s - that may be me) or constantly seeking the next trend. In any case, my belief is that fashion is a living, thriving, though sometimes seemingly stagnant entity that lets us call ourselves a civilized society. Also, even at my advanced age, find it a lot of fun. Well, fellow citizens, dare we get a little wild? I consider myself a staunch proponent of daring to different. However, I note that my daring in the US is much more pronounced than in other locations, hmm. Oh well, with that, lets just see how far we can take our fantastic ideas of dressing how we really want, and if anybody has a problem with it - on y va!


  1. Really great collection.I like it keep it up

  2. Thanks Safdar,

    There's much to be examined on the subject. Keep in touch, friend.



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